Champions League Predictions Game

Champions League Predictions Prove that you know all there is to know about the Champions League with the ultimate football predictions game.
  • Predict the Scores
    Climb the standings with accurate Champions League predictions

    Get the scores of Champions League games right to earn points and climb the league standings.

  • Expect the unexpected
    Predict Champions League upsets to earn bonus points

    Predict Champions League upsets and be rewarded with our unique bonus system.

  • Set up Mini-Leagues
    Predict the Champions League against family & friends with mini-leagues

    Unlimited mini-leagues allow you to compete against your family, friends & colleagues.

Don't worry about starting to play midway through the competition - you can still win the round standings, which start again with each round!

Tournament Standings: Top 5

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2Daniel Garland10495045-13328105
3Ahmed Badr 10494451-14534105
5Wayne C104164741-418103

Round of 16 Standings: Top 5

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1neil furnival 841318821
3Mohamed Killeeny83234819
5Hristo Ivanchev81346814